The survey below was used to compile data for the book and collected in Spring 2003. Two surveys were conducted online and included the same questions but one was for general rock music fans, the other specifically for fans of the band I followed.  The responses from the larger sample of general rock music fans is highlighted in green, and the fans of TBIF are in white.

"This survey is intended to help me understand how rock music might impact a person's life in different ways. There are some questions that may seem unrelated to music, but I'm asking them so that I can get a better understanding of fans as a group. If you don't feel comfortable with a particular question, please leave it blank.

How I will use this info (i.e your privacy questions). I will not distribute this data to anyone else. Text provided may be quoted, without attribution to the contributor, in a future publication. That means you will be anonymous. I am not a "spammer" and will not give your data, including any email address you give me, to anyone else. Basically this questionnaire is for my own personal research which I will compile and hope to use in my book. I am in no way associated with any rock band or their management."

(Please note: The results for question  #11 and #16 do not include responses from fans of the band I followed since the computer glitched and only posted one answer instead of multiple responses.) 
1. What is the name of your favorite band?

2. How did you become a fan?
friends or relatives introduced me to the music    30%      30%
I became friends with a fan                 4%          2%
I heard a song on the radio                18%          23%
I bought one of their albums              19%          14%        
I saw them perform                              7%            14%
other                                                        22%          17%

3. How old were you when you first became a fan of the band?     15.8         15.9

4. What was it that initally attracted you to them? How were they,
or their music, special or unique from other bands?

5. Do you think being a fan has influenced or changed your life? If so, how?

6. How many concerts have you attended?   avg 24       avg 23

7. Have you ever met or spoken with any member of the band?  28%  yes  72% no    73%  yes  27% no
(Just shaking their hand and saying hello counts as a yes)           

8. Can you relate to me the emotions you feel when seeing them
play live during a concert?

9. On average, how many hours do you listen to music each day?       3.5 hrs      4.2 hrs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+

10. On average, what percentage of your overall listening is           40%          38%
devoted to your favorite band?
10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

11. Complete the following: "When I listen to my favorite band, I generally..."
(Check all that apply)
find inspiration          51%
relax          56%
socialize with others       23%
work through my moods      46%
remember the past      43%
think about life     49%
other      18%

12. Have you ever fantasized, daydreamed, or written a story about
the band or a member of the band?    Yes  28%   No 62%        Yes 54%  No 46%
Yes No          

13. If yes, will you share some details?

14. When you were a teenager or in your early 20's, what were
some of your other favorite bands? (Only list top 3 favorites) 
1) Beatles 2) Rolling Stones 3) Led Zeppelin
  1) KISS   2) Aerosmith   3) Beatles
15. Female fans: When you first saw the band or rock music artist,
did you find yourself drawn or attracted to anyone in the group?
If so, which one(s) and why?   Yes 79%    No  21%          Yes 100%   No 0%

16. Are you interested in any of the following subjects?
(Check all that apply, if any)
mathematics, especially geometry  18%
music theory   24%
playing sports  42%
spirituality   32%
reincarnation   14%
psychology   40%
music composition   23%
following sports teams  50%
playing an instrument  33%
meditation  5%
yoga   3%
astrology, numerology, or Tarot cards   4%
science fiction   33%
other favorite hobbies/interests

17. Have you ever had any dreams about the band or about
any member of the band in it? If so, what were they about?    34%  yes   66 % no   40% yes    60% no

18. Are there any other themes that you recall recurring fairly
often in your dreams in general? (Such as dreams about water,
or flying, or being in an unknown house, etc.)    34% yes   66% no    37% yes   63% no

19. Are you drawn to any particular countries or regions of the world?
If so, which ones? 
1) England/Great Britain  2) France  3) Carribean
1) England/Great Britain  2) USA  and Australia tie  

20. Are there particular time periods in history that you are interested
in or like to read/watch movies about? If yes, which era?
1) WW II  2) Middle Ages  3) Early 1900's
1) Civil War  2)  1960's  3) 1970's

21. Now this one may take some thought. Can you see the entire
band or any member of the band representing a fairy tale, fable, myth,
fictional character from a movie or novel, superhero or archetype?
Aside from many rock musicians fulfilling a hero myth, can you come
up with some other more specific examples?
39% yes   61% no     33% yes   67% no

Personal Info
1. Gender Male Female    63% male  / 37 % female    50% male / 50% female

2. Birth date - avg age at time of survey    35      38

3. What state(s) (or what country) did you grow up in?

4. What state (or if outside the US, what country) do you currently live?

5. Do you play an instrument? If so, which ones? 52% Yes  48% No    60% Yes  40% No

6. Have you had any formal music training? Yes No    40% Yes  60% No    46% Yes  54% no

7. Education completed:
Some high school    9%    5%
High school diploma  9%    19%
Some college   28%    23%
College degree  53%    53%