I Found All the Parts was a finalist in the 2009 Coaltion Visionary Resources Awards for the Auto/Biographical category.

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Press release on PRWeb for I Found all the Parts

Laura is a member of The Sound Healers Association, the Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR), and Colorado Independent Publisher's Association (CIPA).

Media Quotes/Profiles

Hey, Laura's been quoted in the media and interviewed on the radio! Here's some links and titles. 

The Morning X Show

Artist and visionary musician Michael Garfield interviewed Laura for Daniel Pinchbeck's Reality Sandwich online magazine. 

Boulder Daily Camera Sunday News

Colorado Hometown Newspapers

Detroit Metro Times

Costco Connections-
Letter to the Editor

Health Magazine

Boulder Daily Camera Review for I Found All the Parts
(reprinted from Boulder Women's Magazine)

Baltimore Sun

Interview with Lisa J. Smith on CBS Psychic Radio (2/4/09)



Here are links to some of the articles Laura has written:

"The Spiritual Significance of Music" in the Author's Edition at Xtreme Music. (authors are listed alphabetically)

"The Hidden Messages in....Cheap Trick?" RockOm

"Rock Your Dreams" - WomenOf.com

"Manic Writing Mama" essay appears in the anthology The Mom Egg

Five Secrets to the Law of Attraction - Law of Attraction News

7/7/07: Will it be a Lucky Day? - American Chronicle

Five things you need to know about Spiritual Awakenings - Los Angeles Chronicle

Cheap Trick brings Magic to Sgt. Pepper's at the Hollywood Bowl - World Sentinel

The Mythic Role of Rock 'n' Roll -No Niche Magazine

Illinois Senate Gets Visit from Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen - World News Chronicle